Men’s Jewelry | 9 Wedding Band Styles for Men

When it comes to wedding accessories, the engagement ring sets a standard and is always a topic of conversation. But, did you know that the ladies are supposed to choose their man’s wedding band? Or, at least be a major part of the decision? This is the first symbol of your unity, so you want it to represent your relationship perfectly. But, it also needs to suit your husband-to-be’s personality and lifestyle. Here are 10 styles to consider when shopping for men’s wedding bands:



You can never go wrong with a classic. And, with a traditional, polished gold ring with a smooth edge for a comfortable fit, your fiancé will look timeless as you walk off into happily ever after.

Different Finish


It’s the simple things that can really make a life together wonderful! And, the same goes for jewelry. High-polish, matte, hammered, florentine and more – opt for a finish that will suit your man’s style. This is a super easy way to add a personal touch without making too much of a statement.



There is no shame in mixing metals! In fact, it’s smiled upon because it can take a traditional band from drab to fab. If your guy isn’t afraid to make a statement, mix different golds for a fun feature.

Beveled Edge


More traditional wedding bands for men don’t have a lot of features. But, there are slight details that can make them stand out from the masses. A beveled edge is one of them! Rather than being curved for a softer look, a beveled edge presents a very strong and modern appearance and allows to mixing different finishes.

Gemstone Detail


Who said your man can’t have a little bling? Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but a little bit of brilliant detailing can be just what your fashionable fiancé needs. Whether it’s a simple, vertical diamond trio, or a single centerpiece embedded in the band, diamonds can be a very handsome choice.

Black Diamonds


Gemstones for men are already a little untraditional. But, take it to the next level with a black diamond band. This is a bold choice that makes the piece all the more special. Needless to say, you won’t be the only one showing off your left hand.

Engravings & Etchings


While it may be convenient, you don’t just have to engrave your wedding date on a band for future reference. Engravings can come in all forms, and can offer understated detail that allows a ring to be special without being ostentatious.

Alternative Materials


There are so many options out there for guys nowadays. While gold is traditional, modern metals and materials include tungsten, palladium, damascus steel, and wood. This way, you can make sure you’re working with the material that best exudes his lifestyle and personal style.


men's diamond eternity ring beveled edges white gold

Your wedding day will always hold a unique place in your heart. Let the accessories reflect that. A custom ring allows you to create a one-of-a-kind piece, from the metal to the details. This allows it to embody your relationship perfectly.

Don’t fit the mold? A custom ring is just what the gemologist ordered! Design one for your special day.

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