Jewelry Trends | 8 Earring Trends You Need to Try

As the seasons change, you can be sure to find us reaching for our favorite jackets! But in the world of jewelry trends, we mean something much better than your latest denim or leather. Earrings come in all shapes and sizes. But, as fashion evolves, the more we see our favorite trendsetters stepping out of their comfort zones for architecturally and aesthetically striking pieces. Here are five must-try earring trends that’ll set your style decades ahead of the rest:



We all can appreciate a beautiful stud. But, if you’re craving a little extra “oomf” without the commitment of an entirely new earring, an earring jacket (seen left) is the way to go! This sweet little piece rests between the back of your earlobe and a stud backing. Then, you get a complementing, minimalist design in front. And, the best part is that you can mix and match earrings and jackets for any style.

Mix & Match

First came mixing nail polish colors, then came mixing metal, now comes mixing earrings! If you’re looking for a way to make a statement that can be chic and simple or bold and boujee, this is for you. Try wearing one small stud and then a larger one. Or, a boho-inspired jacket with  a chandelier earring! The possibilities are endless.



While fashion is slowly waning away from the minimalist look, it still runs strong. Huggies (seen right) can give you a little bit of frost for a daily wear. The understated pieces are small hoops that hug tight to the ear – hence the name! They can offer you the slightest hint of clean metal or catch the light with a careful embezzlement of brilliant gemstones.


News flash: We are way past the simple one-two step that having multiple piercings once entailed. And 90s grunge hoops from lobe to helix aren’t exactly mainstream right now. Rather, wearers are getting creative. Astronomical piercings that map out constellations allow for the gypsy souls to stay grounded while keeping their heads in the clouds!


jewelry-trends-earring-cuffs-minimalistDraw the eye upwards with a dainty statement piece encasing your helix. Why? Because it’s cool. The ear cuff (seen left) has a je ne sais quois that allows for the ultimate French girl cool without the commitment.


The bigger, the better. Oversized earrings are making a comeback. But, I’m not just talking JLo “super hoop” style. Chandelier earrings should be your go-to when in need for a dramatic flair. And while this deviates from the long lasting minimalistic lifestyle, it allows for a moment filled with texture, color, and glamour.




Ear Climbers

jewelry-trends-rose-diamond-ear-climbersIn the past, princesses wore tiaras. Today, why just where jewels on your head when you decorate your ears with something just as decadent. Securing at the lobe and crawling up auricle, ear climbers (seen right) are aptly named. And, they are the modern-day epitome of glamour!

Ear Chains

Maybe you’re a little rough around the edges. That doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable! Wear your strength with edgy yet sophisticated ear chains. The three-part piece feature a cuff that clasps the outside of the ear, followed by the chain which is secured with a stud.


The weather may be getting cooler and the days shorter, but your inner boho beach babe can stay awake with tassel earrings. The fun features can definitely make a statement and are an always-welcome pop of color.


Jewelry trends happen from head to toe! Read up on the super chic, midi ring here.


 What earring trends are you loving? Let us know in the comments! 

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