Who Are We?

The Jewel Princess is a company committed to inspiring visionaries to live boldly and imagine as wildly as they possibly desire, through adorning our one of a kind creations. It is our belief that there is something unique inside every person, and we aim to help you discover and show off your authentic beauty and individuality through our creations which range from diamond tiaras to colored gemstone cat ears, and we’re just getting started! Our passion is colored gemstones and custom design, but we also adore ogling and sourcing sustainable vintage gems and jewelry for our clients.

At our core, we are deeply passionate about giving back to the communities both locally and internationally from which we source our gemstones. In 2015, our founder started the nonprofit Treasured International, which is aimed towards bridging the gap between the business sector of the jewelry industry, and the philanthropic sector, in order to make an impact in both environmental and humanitarian issues. Everything we do and create at The Jewel Princess is done with this same heart for sustainability and creating jewelry responsibly.  We aim to lead by example and hope that the rest of the industry will follow suit in using their jewelry for a greater purpose. 

Founder Tammy Tresor comes from a fourth generation lineage of jewelers, on both sides of her family. She is the first woman in her family to be a prominent goldsmith, where all of her uncles and grandfathers were jewelers. She lives to create intentional and avant garde jewelry for the conscious and discerning tastemakers who dare to dream their fantasies into reality. She is currently on the board of the Jewelry Industry Summit, where she works closely with a collaborative committee to educate the jewelry industry on sustainability and ongoing initiatives. Her other passions also include teaching anything from math to science, dance and jewelry making, travel, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and her Swiss Shepherd Atlas.

Tammy Dominik, Jewel Princess

"Jewelry is the intersection of science and unrestricted artistic expression, where every piece of jewelry represents an author’s unique creativity and requires a relentless commitment to excellence in the materials selection, design, and creation processes." -Tammy Tresor, Founder 

 We are proud members, and adhere to the code of ethics of the American Gem Trade Association

        American Gem Trade Association