Who is The Jewel Princess?

Hi, I am Tammy. I am the CEO and founder of The Jewel Princess.

I create intentional and avant garde jewelry for the conscious and discerning tastemakers who dare to dream their fantasies into reality.

My intention is to inspire the unconventional visionaries and sovereign eccentrics who represent living larger than life, to continue to live boldly and imagine as wildly as they possibly desire, through adorning my sacred and healing gemstones.

These sacred wearables have an instant healing effect, as soon as it touches skin, especially in emphasizing one’s intentions. In adorning such sacred gems, the vibrational frequency begins to heal their story.

In my experience with collaborating with such astounding individuals, they often represent a poignant and heroic tale behind their specific aptitude to resilience and courage.

Such is the ethereal connotation behind the philosophy of the creation of my creations. I search the ends of the earth for the most unique and exclusive one of a kind gems as part of the bespoke jewelry making, so no two pieces are alike. I come from a fourth generation lineage of jewelers, and I’m the first woman in my family to be a prominent goldsmith. It is controversial in Vietnam, for a woman to be a goldsmith, and I am proud to be the first to inherit such recognition, and I intend to inspire other women to do the same in their choice of endeavor, especially when it comes to defying the stereotypical template.

My innate passion and love affair with jewelry has transcended through various types of contribution, in particular where I got to witness pure joy while lending my skills to the children and women in Myanmar. It further strengthened my belief in knowing how a thread of hope and love can impact someone’s life, regardless to their status.

In addition, I’m currently on the board of the jewelry industry summit, where I work very closely with a collaborative committee in educating sustainability within the leading jewelry industry. My other passions also include teaching anything from math to science, dance and jewelry making, travel, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and my Swiss Shepherd Atlas.

Tammy Dominik, Jewel Princess

"Jewelry is the intersection of science and unrestricted artistic expression, where every piece of jewelry represents an author’s unique creativity and requires a relentless commitment to excellence in the materials selection, design, and creation processes." -Tammy Dominik, Founder 

 We are proud members, and adhere to the code of ethics of the American Gem Trade Association

        American Gem Trade Association