Jewelry Trends | Five Unique Millennial Engagement Rings

Long gone are the days where the term, “millennial”, meant a cyber-shopping teenager with the latest tech. Millennials have since graduated and are holding onto the sentiment that they do things a little differently from prior generations. And when it comes to the engagement piece, this – quite literally – rings true.

While the traditional history of the diamond might’ve been enough for our parents and grandparents, most millennials are looking for something more meaningful; they want something that truly symbolizes the story of their relationship. And this has created a unique market! Take a look at five of these unique options for the stylish millennials:

Vintage Rings

Millennials like to capture and share their engagement, often via social media. Having a ring that has history allows the couples’ story to be even more unique and special. Choosing a vintage ring is a great way to achieve this goal!

While you might not always know the where the ring came from or who wore it down the aisle once before, you’re still able to dream up something fantastical. Not to mention, these rings have stood the test of time and can be seen as recycled – which is a big check yes for many eco-friendly millennials. So, don’t shy away from a little something borrowed!

Colored Stones

The purity that the frosty brilliance of a diamond once represented isn’t quite as important for today’s modern families. We now see millennials reach for colored gemstones, like sapphire (Hello, something blue!), ruby or emerald. This departure from the typical diamond allows them to tie in something specific from their relationship. The stone could symbolize their favorite shade, an eye color or a favorite sports team’s color, or they’re simply looking for a piece that’ll be seriously eye-catching!

Designed Ring

Right hand rings have earned their keep and are officially acceptable to wear as a lefty! More commonly known as costume jewelry, intricate and oftentimes ostentatious engagement rings offer a glamorous option for those looking to make a statement. These rings tend to have playful elements, such as moons and stars, or even a more architectural feel to it. It’s also more fun for the designer, as we get to have more freedom and flexibility to work with when creating rings for the younger generation.


One reason millennials are rejecting traditional engagement rings is that fact that they are also rejecting typical marital roles. Both partners are often working, and not just as a parent. Traditional engagement rings can get in the way of work and be cumbersome to the wearer. A good way around this is to wear only a band or two. Stackable bands can still provide a similar statement and flare that an engagement ring would, but also provide more comfort and flexibility!  

Unique Diamond Ring

For those that still want to go the diamond route, millennials are often opting for a bigger setting that prior generations. Floral motifs and decadent halos are accenting larger diamond center stones. Often, we will see mixed metals or rose gold, departing from the classic yellow gold or platinum bands. Plus, millennials that wait a little longer to get engaged often have a higher budget, and are able to spring for these opulent engagement rings.

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