July’s Birthstone Will Guarantee a Red Hot Summer

Summer is red hot. And while you may think it’s the bronzed bodies and glimmering beaches that make it so, you’d be mistaken. In the heat of the season lies July’s birthstone: the ruby.


Believed to have been traded along China’s Silk Road, in ancient time the ruby was thought to provide protection and good luck. By other cultures, like the Greek and the Hindu, it was said the ruby could burn so hot that it could boil water.

Over time, that symbol of strength shifted between cultures and uniformly became an emblem of love and passion. This stems from the ruby’s natural glow like fire that comes from within, making it the ideal gift for significant others – only ever being upstaged by the significance of the diamond.


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But, love isn’t the only thing rubies express. It’s blood red hue represents a life force. It is meant to embolden those who wear it by encouraging them and amplifying their energy.


One should wear rubies to feel empowered and bold. They are not just a striking accessory, but a meaningful token that should help you exude inner power. So, how will your summer be inspired by this precious gem?


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