Get to Know August’s Unique Birthstones

The earth grants us a plethora of amazing gifts, and August babies get three of them! Whether you’re spending your summer days in a slinky bikini, traversing the globe or spending your evening with your best girls, there’s an August birthstone for you.


One of only three months to have several birthstones (read about June’s here!), August gives its babies an amazing mix of show-stopping and subtle beauty. Here’s what you should know about this month’s diverse lineup:


Unbeknownst to many, sardonyx was actually the very first August birthstone. Giving you a peek into its personal story, each piece of sardonyx shows layers of sard and onyx – go figure – giving it a beautiful lineage of stripes.

In addition to its earthy wonder, the stone of course has mystical meaning. It is thought that it is encourages happiness and clear communication and was often used for strength and protection in ancient time. The Greeks and Romans are said to have worn sardonyx featuring engravings of great heros as a talismen. The best part? This stone is relatively inexpensive, meaning you can gather it and manifest its qualities as much as you’d like.


The most popular of August’s three stones is peridot, and it’s famous olive hue will leave all of your friends green with envy. Also known as the “Evening Emerald,” this richly vibrant gem is thought to bring good fortune.

Appropriately, peridot has graced several affluent places and people. Some believe that Cleopatra’s elaborate emerald collection may have been peridot. Now, most of the world’s peridots are found right in Arizona, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get your hands on some!


Another lookalike, spinel is a gorgeous gemstone and often gets confused with sapphire and ruby (July’s birthstone)! But spinel comes in a variety of colors. From bright orange to soft lavender, you can be sure to find a piece that suits your August baby.

Not to mention, while this gemstone is very under-appreciated, it has a very royal history. Crown Jewels of England have featured incredible spinels, and it was a favorite Henry VII. But, Spinel is starting to become a favorite among gemologists and gem geeks due to their versatility and vibrant colors, and are being used more frequently as engagement rings. Many stones, like the “Jedi” spinel (pictured above) are all the rage right now.


So, will you be donning the gems of monarchs past or going for something more understated this month?

Featured image by GIA

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