September’s Sapphires | The Gemstone of Royalty

A simple yet intriguing question: Why is the sky blue? Would you believe me if I told you it was painted by the rich azure of sapphires?


For centuries, sapphires of all shapes and sizes have decorated the most famous of royalty. But today, the traditional sapphire blue is not the only shade that gets September’s birthstone lusted after.

Featuring highly saturated pinks, oranges and more, these luscious stones hold many meanings within their facets. The gem is said to bring the truth to light, allowing for a greater understanding of justice and bringing peace to the minds of those who wear it. It’s easy to see why this has been commonly worn by monarchs. 


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Most famously, Prince Charles of Wales proposed to the beloved Lady Diana with a blue sapphire bordered with diamonds. This ring was later passed onto Kate Middleton and has long served as inspiration for commoners.

Old time New York royalty, the Rockefellers, owned another showstopper. At 62-carats, John D. Rockefeller bought the stone from Indian royalty and later had it set by Pierre Cartier himself. The ring stayed in the family and has always had a private owner.

star-of-india-sapphireHowever beautiful the Princess Diana’s and the Rockefeller rings may be, the Star of India is the mother of all sapphires. The 563.35 carat stone is the largest of its kind and is virtually flawless. In addition to its size, this milky stone is special by the fact that it features a star on both sides. Not to mention, within its history, the stone was actually stolen while being housed in the American Museum of Natural History in 1964. It was found two days later in a locker in Miami!

But sapphires aren’t exclusive. Young or old, small or large – sapphires, similar to diamonds, come in an array of styles and are perfect for any occasion, including engagements! So, will you be taking a note from royals past and donning this classic gemstone throughout the month of September?

Featured image courtesy of GIA


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