The Mystical Meanings Behind June’s Birthstones

While April babies boast about their birthstone, the diamond, being a girl’s best friend, it’s those born in June who really have something – make that somethings – to brag about.

Ruled by the seas and the skies, June’s birthstones (pearls, moonstone and alexandrite) are all beautiful symbols of change with a hint of mysticism. Get to know the significance of each of these historical treasures:


Believed to be the tears of mystical mermaids in Japanese folklore and the tears of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, in Grecian history, pearls have a long history filled with intrigue and admiration. As a sign of purity and class, pearls are delicate and feminine.


But there are more to pearls than what meets the eye; they tell a story of evolution from ordinary to extraordinary. A natural pearl forms when an irritant – typically a grain of sand – makes its way into an oyster, mussel or clam. It is from there, that the mollusk lubricates the object, forming a lustrous bead. It is this process that makes pearls so sought after, not only as jewelry, but as calming, spiritual tokens and symbols of female empowerment.


With an otherworldly glow and ethereal aura, moonstone has been used as a powerful talisman and thought to have been formed by moonbeams.

The moonstone is meant to be used for self reflection, as it is thought to conceal truths about a person under its lustrous exterior. This is a path to wisdom, and following the theme of a journey, the moonstone is often used as protection for travelers, bringing them hope. However, just like the people it guides, the moonstone comes in various forms. The rainbow moonstone acts as a prism while gray and white moonstones are reflective of the new moon.

Overall, this stone is shrouded in mystery and offers carriers a little sliver of the unknown universe.


Alexandrite is a chameleon among precious gems, and as it is very rare, it is exclusive to only those who can afford it’s expensive price tag. Originally found in Russia, it was George Kunz of Tiffany and Co. that brought the gem into the mainstream.

With a duo-chromatic feature – turning green to red in different ambient lighting – alexandrite is a symbol of power and royalty. Those who use this stone for its metaphysical properties believe has the ability to open the mind to harness more creative prowess and be more understanding of multifaceted situations. This is a great birthstone as it leads one to not only live a happy life, but to find joy from within.


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