Wedding Planning | You’re Engaged… Now What?

So, he popped the question and you’ve celebrated with your family and friends. It was fun and exhilarating and life changing. But now what? A wedding doesn’t just come together overnight. Here are a few things to consider before diving into planning your big day:

Do You Want Engagement Photos and Announcements?

Before you move onto the intense wedding planning, you’re allowed to relish in your engagement! Talk to your significant other about how long you’d like to be engaged. Then, talk about getting engagement photos and sending out formal announcements. This will give you some time to process and give you a good answer when people bombard you with curiosity!

What is Your Budget?


Your budget is everything. From location options to the wedding dress, this number is there to keep you in check through everything. Also keep in mind that there’s a honeymoon to hopefully be had after the big day.

How Many Guests?

Before you determine the location, the food (Hello, cake!) and so much more, you should decide what size wedding you want to have. You should also decide if you want kids at wedding. It’s common to ask for adults only, but it depends on the couple.

To Hire a Planner or Not?

It takes a village! Or a really good planner. Now, don’t expect to have JLo showing up. Instead, peruse the services a planner offers and decide if it’s worth hiring one. Putting a wedding together can sometimes feel like a second job, so definitely don’t write a planner off right away. Just be sure to find one you click with and have confidence in.

Where Do You Want to Have It?


Destination weddings can be incredible. But, a ceremony in your parent’s backyard can be just as magical. There are a ton of venue options out there, but narrow them down and see how they fit with your budget, guest list and dreams. Keep in mind that some venues are booked a year or more in advance. So, be sure to call as soon as possible and see if you can arrange a tour to check it out in person.

Who Are Your Vendors?

There are so many cool options and themes for weddings and vendors nowadays! I mean, you can have food trucks and photo booths come to your venue. Think about what you want to offer, make a list and check the prices and availability.

What About the Invites?

Wedding invites typically go out six to eight weeks before the actual ceremony. So, make sure you’ve decided on your style and theme at least a few months before then. Your invite is the first peek into what the actual day will be like, so have fun and be a little picky!

What Are You Going to Wear?


Personalized wedding bands take at least a few weeks to get finished, so just think how long a tailored tux and especially the dress can take! Plus, multiple fittings are even required if your have heavy tailoring taking place. So, go in with an open mind but a few opinions around nine months in advance and find the look that makes you feel like a princess.

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Photos by Lauren Cate Photography. 

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