Wedding Planning | 5 Essentials You Need on Your Big Day

Wedding planning. For a lot of women, it sounds like the fun opportunity to live out their childhood dreams. For others, it’s the perfect opportunity to hire someone else to do it for them! But, there are some personalized gifts that the bride and groom can’t – or shouldn’t – put off of on someone else! And, there are some big day must-haves that cannot be overlooked! Share the love in the little moments of your engagement with these essentials:

Your Marriage Certificate


Forgetting a marriage license – it’s not unheard of! But, this is the piece of paper that’s going to seal the deal in the eyes of the law. Pick a day anytime three months prior to walking down the aisle and make filling out your application with your fiancé an amazing memory! (Go online to make an appointment and fill out the application to save yourself time!) You'll need a valid drivers license for each person and both of you present at the courthouse to get your license, so don't lose those at the last minute (that actually happened to one of our clients--eek!). 

The Wedding Bands

This is fun because you get to do it together. Some women like one band; others like one on either side of their engagement ring. You can even mix and match colors! This is likely the piece women wear more often than the actual engagement rings due to their job or daily tasks.

Did you know that the girl buys the guy his wedding ring?

Shop at least four to six weeks out from the wedding date in case you need to custom order. Many women want their wedding band to match/fit with their engagement ring exactly, so custom orders are very common! Guys, this ring is on you again!

A Gift for Your Husband/Wife


Girls, your guy got you that flashy ring, so now is the perfect time to get him that nice watch he's had his eye on! Maybe a box full of boudoir photos for his eyes only. Or, even just a sentimental note that doesn’t cost a thing!

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Gifts

If you’ve chosen these people to be in your wedding party, they play a significant role in your life. Express that with a token of appreciation. Matching necklaces, robes, tie clips or money clips are just a few examples of what you can gift. First, be sure to figure out your budget and we can help you customize a gift that they will love!

Thank You Gifts


Even if you want to plan your own wedding, know that it takes a village. Mother of the Bride and Groom gifts are a nice way to say thank you. And same goes for anyone else who helped! This is a special time to thank everyone you really love for all they do for you.

A Photographer/Videographer

You’re never going to forget your wedding day, so capture those happy moments by finding the perfect photographer and/or videographer. This starts with setting a budget, then discovering your style. Some people prefer a darker, artsier approach while others like simpler, photojournalistic. Either way, these will be the momentos that live on for a lifetime filled with happiness.

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Photos by Lauren Cate Photography. 

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