Mineral Jewelry Might Change Your Mind About Sparkles

Twinkling gemstones under perfect lining is what’s made us swoon over glass cases for decades. But, following suit of a “greener” and more natural generation, “raw” or “mineral” jewelry is what many are showing off these days.

From diamonds to lesser known crystals, the unrefined aesthetic of raw jewelry offers wearers an ethereal vibe. There is something more wild about a stone that hasn’t been perfectly cut or tumbled or shined, making it a fitting look for explorers to stay grounded and true to their roots.

But not all stones are great for beading and jewelry purposes. So, which ones should you keep your eyes peeled for?



Amethysts are a crystal classic. For many, they are a beautiful addition to any look with their purple hues ranging from rich to more lilac. But for those in tune with spirituality and “crystal energies,” amethysts are a staple to promote good, calm vibes. Plus, it’s really easy to find them in their clustered crystalline form! Amethysts are perfect for the person who loves to keep their head in the clouds.


Quartz is a specific type of mineral that gives a crystalline structure.
Turquoise is another stone that is commonly seen untouched. With it’s vibrant teal hue, they offers a youthful feel. Misshapen nuggets of turquoise are commonly beaded for necklaces and bracelets and are a great sign of friendship. This stone is ideal for the boho babe who can resist open waters.



Lastly, raw diamonds are perhaps even more stunning than the ones found in our favorite jewelry stores. Offering an organic take on such a strong symbol of love and commitment, a raw diamond can manifest so much meaning. That makes it an amazing alternative engagement ring for the girl with wanderlust and would love to share the world with someone special.

Opal, clear crystal quartz, rose quartz, peridot and more can become gorgeous raw pieces. But, whether or not you prefer a manicured gem or one that’s come in such a natural form, they’re all such a precious gift from our earth.

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