How Kate Middleton Keeps her Royal Style Modern

Living up to “the queen’s taste” is no easy feat and often an intimidating. But as a newer addition to the royal family, Duchess Kate Middleton has had no issue finding her footing amongst the regal fashion landscape.

From Princess Diana’s engagement ring to brooches handed down over the past the century, Kate is well-versed in the family jewels. But, that hasn’t stopped her from making a statement of her very own. Take a look at how the Duchess is keeping royal standards high while making jewelry her own:

Diana’s Blue Sapphire and Diamond Earrings

It’s no secret that blue is a hue of royalty. So, it’s no wonder why Diana – and now Kate – have been seen wearing it so much. Aside from the famous blue sapphire and diamond engagement ring, Kate has worn blue sapphire and diamond drop earrings.

Many believe that she was gifted Diana’s earrings, then chose to give them her own special touch. The diamond stud carries the diamond-enclosed sapphire and has a similar feel to the “front-back” earring trend where a stud is backed by a jacket that can be swapped out. This is the perfect showcase of Kate’s liking of simple yet meaningful fashion.




Kiki McDonough Blue Topaz Hoop Earrings

Just because Kate loves a simple style, doesn’t mean she can’t have fun, and Kiki McDonough seems to be her go-to designer for something a little more playful. These striking blue topaz earrings are undoubtedly meant for royalty, but still offer a youthfulness with their light color, open-circle shape and variety in gem size. Kate sparkles just as much as the earrings themselves. How could one not in something so lavish?




Kiki McDonough Peridot, Blue Topaz & Diamond Earrings

In addition to her blue topaz earrings, Kate has been seen donning Kiki McDonough’s blue topaz and peridot oval earrings which once again offer a fun flair to her otherwise conservative look.

The olive tone of the peridot offers a nice compliment to Kate’s skin tone while bringing in a splash of color. Paired with the blue topaz and topped with diamonds, this multi-colored accessory – set in a more traditional yellow gold – has the perfect balance between young and mature.



Mouawad Ruby and Diamond Necklace

While princesses may be known for their tiaras, Kate often goes for something a little more casual, but still reminiscent of the traditional accessory. This ruby and diamond Mouawad necklace is a perfect example of playful sophistication.

The bright red and floral shape makes the piece youthful while the classic diamonds keep it fit for royalty. The open circle, diamond chain also allows this piece to be rich in style but light in design. Believed to be a wedding gift, this necklace has a matching bracelet, and complements Kate’s complexion perfectly.


If you were Kate, which royal piece would be your go-to?

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