Birthstone History | The Natural Beauty Behind November’s Birthstones

It’s that time of year ago. As the sun works its way farther from Earth for the winter, some of us are left clinging to its last bit of warmth while others are ready to embrace the cooler season. And, coincidentally, November’s birthstones reflect that sentiment. Reminiscent of setting suns and turning falling leaves, the birthstone history of citrine is filled with mystical wellbeing. While, topaz acts as a symbol of cold, hard strength.

So, how can these two seemingly different birthstones unify for the month? In their natural healing properties.

The Mystical Histories of Citrine & Topaz


Citrine – named after French word for lemon, “citron” – was cherished by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, and oftentimes mistaken for topaz. But, it wasn’t until the mid-18th century that it got notoriety among the modern market. Now able to be distinguished from topaz with ease, citrine has become an affordable piece among other precious stones.

However, topaz is November’s most well-known birthstone. And, it’s believed that topaz get its name from the Sanskrit word, “tapaz,” meaning fire. After quite some time, the saturated stone – which comes in an array of colors, including warm and cool tones – became very popular during the Renaissance.

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The Lore of Stones

Both of these stones, as different as they may sometimes appear, are more similar than different. This rings especially true in their metaphysical properties! Both harness power from the sun and sky, allowing their opulent hues to carry an array of healing properties. In fact, among many cultures, citrine was known as “the healing stone.”

Citrine is believed to help imagination flourish as it dispels and grounds negative energy. Topaz harnesses energy and allows it to radiate gently for a soothing effect. Blue topaz especially encourages strength. But, not just physical strength. Rather, topaz gives wearers the strength to be honest and live their best lives.

The Beauty of the Stones


Luckily for us, the beauty of the stone is as obvious externally as it is internally! And, with topaz ranking at 8 on the Mohs hardness scale, and citrine at 7, you can wear them knowing they can stand up to daily elements. This strength has been worn by many familiar faces, including a true jewel princess, Kate Middleton.

However, you don’t need to physically wear the stone to feel its effects. Should you so choose, blue topaz can be used to open the third-eye (between the eyes) and throat chakras, while citrine can be placed on the crown chakra (top of the head). These points are naturally conducive to the wavelengths of positivity each stone emits! And with such amazing benefits, there’s no reason you should be dripping yourself with precious gems every day!

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