December Birthstones | Why December’s Stones Create a Perfect Blue Christmas

As the soft holiday lights twinkle, and the rich hues of reds and greens decorate our surroundings, brilliant blues are what stand out in December’s birthstones. And, with the ability to transport us all around the globe with their rich histories, tanzanite, zircon, and turquoise truly bring the world together, just as the holiday season does! Here’s why you should wear each stone this season:


Unite your mind and heart with a little bit of tanzanite. Curated to be one of the most tantalizing stones by the ever-so-glamorous Tiffany & Co., tanzanite hails from Tanzania, where its prismatic forms claimed metaphysical healing properties.

Ranging from lilac-blue to a deep, sapphire-esque azure, tanzanite is most beneficial when worn as a necklace. This is because its blue crystal energy emits high vibrations, allowing for clear and thoughtful communication. And, when the family gets together, communication is most definitely key!


While we associate turquoise with sandy shores and boho style, the stone has had quite the journey of its own which can help you as you travel this season!

Thought to be one of the oldest stones known to man, shamans and kings have long used turquoise as a talisman for protection. This is because it opens up the third eye – your mind – allowing you to think and see more clearly. So, be sure to carry it with you, or wear it anywhere on your person for safe travels. And, use it in times of stress, as it also helps to restore balance and promote inner harmony, allowing you to stay calm as the winter blues quickly turn into spring greens!



As you celebrate the holidays with your family, you’ll most likely spend time reminiscing about that time when so-and-so did something and other great memories. But, if zircon could talk, it would have billions of years to think back on – literally. As one the oldest mineral known to man (It’s found in the earth’s crust!), it’s surprising how few people know about this beautiful, natural stone.

Blue zircon – the color is altered with heat – is the most popular shade among the a line-up of lab-created hues. When worn, zircon can open up your heart, making it easier to express love and inspire! And, with the perfect balance of rarity and affordability, it’s pretty easy to always keep some zircon on hand, or wrist, or neck, and so forth!

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