The Jewel Princess Experience -

The Jewel Princess Experience

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The ultimate gift card - purchase a private shopping session for your loved one. Pick a budget, and we'll curate a custom collection of gems and jewelry within that budget, and any suggestions you have for style, likes and dislikes. Customize a piece of jewelry, or choose one of our curated pieces. 

Complete with libations, it'll be an experience to cherish, to go along with a piece of heirloom jewelry to pass down for generations. 

Purchase any value you like, we can adjust the value up from there if you'd like! We'll email you a certificate that you can present to your loved one, but we'll keep the value between us!

Once you've surprised your love one with this gift, contact us to set up an appointment, or set up one beforehand! Email us at to set up an appointment or for any questions! 

OR purchase a gift card of any value that can be used at our physical location in Laguna Beach, or in our online store! Click here to buy a gift card!