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Opposites attract. That may be true, but what’s more important to think about is how the two complement each other. The same idea goes for wedding band shopping! While the engagement ring is a centerpiece for the journey from proposal til death do us part, the wedding band is a true symbol of unity. Here are six wedding band styles that can inspire you when making the big decision:


We’ve always been taught that bigger is better. But, bigger doesn’t always leave a lot of room for creativity! Stacking rings has become super trendy, and it’s beginning to transition into a staple style choice. Have fun with your wedding band options and pick multiple! You can mix metals, opt for a milgrain finish, or pair your solitaire with marquise accents. The options are endless!



If you’ve chosen a show-stopping solitaire or went with a brilliant halo, size obviously matters! You can use your wedding band to your advantage by going for something more modest like a pavé band. This’ll add a different type of sparkle with a minimalist look. Just make sure the diamond quality – especially the color – is the same! Or, opt for something completely out of the ordinary by choosing a richly-colored stone!

Mixed Metals


Eclectic can be chic! Mixing your silvers and gold can add a beautiful dimension that’s unique. Just be sure that you’re committed to each color equally. Also, consider how different metals wear. Over time, some materials stand up better to daily wear and tear than others. However, a gemologist can help guide you in the right direction!



Diamond cuts continue to evolve. And, sometimes it’s the smallest intricacies that can really make a wedding ring set glamorous. Don’t be afraid to move away from traditional round and cushion cuts! Emeralds, Asschers, ovals, and marquise can all add an interesting element to a wedding band. Also, milgrain details and etchings can offer a great finish.



Your wedding band is the ultimate symbol of unity and love between you and your husband. So, show it off by opting for matching wedding bands. This doesn’t mean they have to be the exact same. Start with a small feature like an engraving or etching. Or, use a pop of color that’s somewhat unexpected. This way, you can always look down at your hand and know they have the same, one-of-a-kind view!

Same Silhouette


Whether it’s the same metals or different stones, no matter the style, your wedding band should always complement your engagement ring. This is because it’s the first thing people will look at if they ask! So, if you want a seamless take on the wedding band, get one with the same silhouette as your engagement gem. This allows you to see as much sparkle as possible at all times!

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