Mixing Metals & Why Your Jewelry Collection Needs Diversity

Mixing metals: faux pas or fashionable? Double check fashionable. From yellow gold and platinum to rose gold and silver, any color combo can offer chic contrast, giving any look added personality.

And, truthfully, it speaks to our culture. In an era where self expression is of the utmost importance, jewelry has followed suit with each metal tone speaking to a different facets of the person who wears them. 

While yellow gold speaks to the more traditional, it can be transformed to be regal and elegant or authentic and earthy. Lighter metals, like silver and white gold, speak to the modern minimalist who wants something timeless. And lastly, fashion pieces made of feminine tones like rose gold and copper are suited for the non-traditional who sometimes want to make a statement, no matter how simple or bold.

When mixed together, the wearer gets to tell a story. They show their fun side with a dainty rose gold stackable ring, and their more conservative side with ruby earrings backed in yellow gold. And that’s what makes jewelry fun.

So, how can you start mixing your metals?

Pick your piece. Rings, bracelets and necklaces are easily stackable. You can add as many as you want and together the different colors and variations make for a fun, personalized visual.

Begin with your base. Choose a metal that is your absolute favorite and begin building with a timeless piece.


jewel-princess-mixed-metals-bracelet-stackables-instagramAdd some flair. Maybe you’re going for the minimalist look, with your base being a simple white gold diamond band. Stack a smaller, rose gold band on top of it for a nice bit of frosting and a subtle contrast.

Give it some contrast. If you’ve stayed conservative, now is the time to add something out of left field. Bring in some yellow gold for warmth. You can even find something with a little texture – maybe a soft wave in the brand, or braided.

Keep building. You can always take off pieces when there are too many, and you can always swap. Eventually you’ll find a combination that suits your lifestyle, personality and has a nice balance to it. If you create a jewelry collection in which every piece is interchangeable and stackable, you can create many different looks with just a few pieces of jewelry.


Just remember: In fashion, there are a lot of rules, but rules are meant to be broken! So, don’t discriminate and have fun mixing and matching your metals.

Photos from @thejewelprincess on Instagram! Pictured: Tri-Color Eternity Diamond Bangles, X Ring


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