5 Ways to Wear Brooches and Pins

One of our FAVORITE jewelry accessories are brooches and pins. These sparkly accessories can become a collector and fashionista's addiction because there are so many ways to show them off, and they function as a great utility to pin up the perfect outfit! 

Styling Vintage Brooches and Pins on Jacket - Fashion Staple1. THE BROOCH JACKET. Whether its suede, leather, fur, or polyester, this is one of our favorite MUST-haves in the closet. Brooches are a must for adding personality and flare to a minimalists' closet. Show off your favorite band, your grandma's heirloom, and all those other awesome pins you've collected. Our only rule with this one is: the more, the better!                                                                                                                              

2. MAKE A STATEMENT. Wear it on, well, anything! It doesn't matter if its a simple dress, T-shirt, or sweater, wearing a single lovely brooch can make your whole outfit! All eyes on your brooch, so whether you're looking for an easy conversation starter on a first date, or trying to bring more awareness for your favorite cause, brooches are the way to go! The best part about brooches? They are stylish safety pins! That jacket that was a little too loose? No problem! That scarf you just turned into a top? Pin it up with your grandma's antique brooch! They are practical, AND show off your personality, style, and improv abilities when it comes to outfits! 


Styling Scarves and Brooches to Dress Up a an Old LookHow to Style a Scarf and Brooch - 5 Ways to Wear Brooches and Pins


3. STYLE THAT SCARF. A T-shirt and scarf have never looked so good! Brooches can be a great way to bring together different components of an outfit with their complementary colors! Thanks to your new Ruby brooch, those red stilettos match with everything! #WINNING

4. PURSE BLING. Just when you thought you couldn't love your bag more, give her some style and a story to tell by adding a few brooches. Tie on a scarf and add a few of your favorite pins to get a new look, with an old accessory!
Styling Scarves, Brooches and Purses
Every pin has a story, and what better way to tell a story than with a brooch made just for you, or someone you love. Using the gems from your grandmother's old necklace, or your dad's old class ring is a perfect way to always carry them with you, even if you don't necessarily have the same style as them. 

We LOVE recycling jewelry, and creating jewelry with a story. Please email us and let us know how we can help you create your own custom brooch that can be passed down for generations. tammy@thejewelprincess.com


FROM THE EDITOR: My favorite style is what I like to call "Minimalist Treasures." I love to compose all of my outfits out of a few simple items, worn different ways, with different pieces of jewelry. It follows the logic of minimalist fashion, but rather than spending money on clothing which has a short shelf-life, I spend my money on a few pieces of REAL jewelry. It's amazing how much a simple accessory can add to your style, and it's great knowing jewelry holds its value,  so if I ever DO get sick of it, I can sell it or trade it in for a new piece

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Tiffany and Co Buzz Aldrin Pin - 5 Ways to Wear Brooches and Pins

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