4 Easy, At-Home Jewelry Cleaning Techniques

Let’s be honest with ourselves – we love our jewelry because it sparkles and dazzles, decorating our hands, wrists and necklines in the best way possible. 

But, pollutants and lotions can leave our pieces looking less than fabulous. Luckily, there are some kitchen essentials that can leave jewelry looking as though it’s fresh out of the case.


Baking Soda & Water

Who doesn’t love the clean look of silver? Unfortunately, it’s prone to tarnishing. Get rid of heavy aging by mixing baking soda and water to create a paste. Using a soft cloth (paper towels can scratch) and a little elbow grease, you can free up the particles and leave your silver looking new. After, simply rinse and dry.


NOTE: Silver should not soak, as that will only speed up the tarnishing process.


Soap & Seltzer Water

Give your gold a good cleaning by letting it bathe in a mixture of dish soap and seltzer water. The combination will clear debris that can get trapped on the underside of a piece of jewelry. For a deeper scrub, take an unused toothbrush and gently run over the item to break up anymore stubborn grime.


If your jewelry is looking a little lackluster and needs a rinse, simply toss it in some vodka and let it take a soak. The alcohol will break down any build up and leave them looking as brilliant as ever.


You don't need to spend a lot of money on vodka that will clean you're jewelry. The cheap stuff will do!

Window Cleaner 

If your crystals are in need of a pick-me-up, let them shine bright by wiping them down with a little window cleaner. This is the quickest way to make them ready for their close-up. Just be sure to keep your opaque and organic gems like turquoise, coral and pearl away as it is too harsh for the porous material.


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