January Birthstones | How to Use Garnet to Keep Your Resolutions

January Birthstones Garnet

Every year, we have a sit down with that little voice in our heads and think, "How can I better my life?" While these resolutions are sometimes are to keep, we accept that we are in need of growth and betterment. And there is no better stone to welcome in the new year than January's birthstone, garnet. 

Typically seen in a rich, pomegranate red – although it can be found in other colors– garnet offers a bold and refreshing start to the year. And, as it is found all over the world and comes in at a strong 7-7.5 on the Mohs scale, it is a great option for anyone looking to bring a little extra juju to keep them on the path to health and happiness.

There are over 20 species of garnets, some of the most dazzling are tsavorite (green), rhodolite (purplish red), demantoid (green) and hessonite (orange and orangy-red to brownish red). 

Some of the places garnets can be found include the Czech Republic, Tanzania, Russia, Namibia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Brazil, Kenya, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Australia, Sri Lanka, and you can even find some spessartine garnet in Califonira! 

Garnets are often given as anniversary gifts on the 2nd and 6th year! 

The Metaphysical Meaning of Garnet

Folklore tells us that garnet brings prosperity, peace, and good health to those who keep it nearby. Its protective energies ground the mind and body, allowing you to exude and accept love, all while harnessing your creative prowess. This can embolden your mental and spiritual strength, preparing you to take on a fresh start!


How to Use Garnet

Unbeknownst to many, the beauty of precious gems truly lies within – even though we spend most of our time dazzled by their outer brilliance. Locked inside of garnet are some dazzling inclusions and metaphysical benefits that can put you in a healthy headspace.

Because garnet is associated with the crown and first chakras. This means, it can benefit you from head to toe. Wear it as earrings to open your mind, or in a bracelet that can surround your body with the positive energies.  

Wishing everyone a happy new year, and good luck on those new years resolutions. Comment and tell us what your new years goals are. As you navigate 2018, heed this advice from Ms.Diane Sawyer:


"Follow what you are genuinely passionate about and let that guide you to your destination." 


XOXO The Jewel Princess

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