Browse our ready-made catalog online for high-end classics at an affordable prices, or work with our consultants one-on-one to find or create a piece of jewelry that makes your heart melt. At the end of the day, whether you buy from us or elsewhere, all we care about is happy people with beautiful jewelry. 

The Jewel Princess Custom Design Engagement Rings

Take advantage of our FREE Curated Digital Collection

Curated Digital Collection: There is such a thing as too many choices, and that is where we come in. It's our job to know EXACTLY what you're looking for, and we'll cut out all pieces that are too gaudy, simple, or pricey, and hone in on what YOU want to make the jewelry buying experience easy and fun for everyone involved. We'll put together a personalized collection of pieces that are within your budget that you're sure to fall in love with.

In-Person Consultation: Have no idea where to start when it comes to jewelry or engagement rings? Schedule a consultation with one of our experts! With absolutely no pressure to buy, meet at our Costa Mesa location to learn more about diamonds, colored gemstones and try on different types of jewelry. We'll educate you on all the basics, so you'll feel confident with any jewelry you buy. Click here for more on the custom jewelry experience

Appraisals by The Jewel Princess

Appraisals: We offer appraisals for estate valuation and insurance purposes to multiple local jewelers in Orange County and to private clients. By hiring a private appraiser, you can rest assured that your items are valued at true market rates. Appraisals are $150/hour per. If you own any fine jewelry, it is highly recommended that you have jewelry insurance, and you need an appraisal to do that. Check out our blog on jewelry insurance here!

Gemstone Identification: Our expert gemologists will use the latest gemological instruments to identify your gemstones, and certify if they are natural, synthetic, or treated. We can help you go through those generations of family heirlooms to find out what's worth what. A natural versus synthetic call can mean tens of thousands of dollars!

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