Support For Myanmar

Unlike most people who are probably wondering where Myanmar even is, Myanmar, formerly known as Burma has been on our radar for quite some time, since it is one of the world's richest resources full of the most beautiful gems, most notably the king of all gemstones: rubies. It was through our trade of these marvelous gemstones that we became to know about the turmoil in Myanmar, and how that affected its people. We are dedicated to find a way to give back to the people in the communities from which we get our gemstones, and we're starting in Myanmar.

Myanmar Kids at Love Children's Home

Our long-term goal is to help create a sustainable future and opportunities for the people of Myanmar by starting a vocational school to teach trades like jewelry making, screen printing, English, computer skills, and more. During our next trip (Aug 28th - Sep 12th, 2018), we will co-host the 3rd annual Influential Woman conference in Yangon, to breathe love, life, and knowledge into the women that they can use to start and improve their own businesses, in addition to pouring into the network of 12 orphanages and their children. We will spend the last 5 days of our trip exclusively counseling the women of Myanmar on their current businesses (such as Loom House), and helping them improve effectiveness, profitability, and impact. We want to do more than give money to these people, we intend to give them opportunity, and the same chance at a future that we were given. 

100% of proceeds from this collection will go towards supporting the 2018 Myanmar Women's Conference and the vocational school to benefit a network of 12 orphanages in Myanmar, its 600 children, and the men and women who support these orphanages. We're currently creating more bespoke jewelry pieces with gems from Myanmar, check back soon to continue supporting this wonderful cause!

If you have a business or know of any that would like to sponsor or partner with us by donating money or goods/gifts for the women and conference, we are open to anything and can put your logo on our tote bags, send photos of your goods being used in Myanmar, etc! Please email to support! 

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